Immersive Adaptive Player


Please contact Anderson Simiscuka or Gabriel Muntean for more information about this tool.


All code and documentation is licensed by the original authors and contributors under the GNU GPL 3.0 license.


The Immersive Adaptive Player is a web-based 360° video player with support to existing and novel adaptive DASH algorithms with audio prioritization, ambisonics support and accessibility features. This player extends the ImAc Player developed in the EU H2020 ImAc project.

User Documentation

This video introduces the Immersive Adaptive Player and presents instructions for changing accessibility settings and video playback options.



Needed for installation:

  • Apache Tomcat

How to use run the player with Apache Tomcat (some steps and directories may vary using XAMPP for Windows):

  • Run C:\apache-tomcat\bin\startup.bat
  • Open C:\apache-tomcat\webapps folder
  • Copy the ImmersiveAdaptivePlayer folder into webapps folder (make sure the folder is named ImmersiveAdaptivePlayer, with no other characters and respecting the letters in capital)
  • Your directory must be webapps\ImmersiveAdaptivePlayer\all-folders-files. Make sure there is not a subfolder also called ImmersiveAdaptivePlayer.
  • Open a browser and type: “your_apache_server_address:portnumber”/ImmersiveAdaptivePlayer/ (portnumber is usually 8080 with Tomcat)

Built With

  • IMSC_360.js - JavaScript library for rendering IMSC Text and Image Profile documents in HTML5
  • three.js
  • DASH.js - Reference client implementation for the playback of DASH contents via JavaScript and compliant browsers.
  • Omnitone.js - Implementation of Ambisonic decoding and binaural rendering written in Web Audio Application Program Interface


Based on the ImAc Player -

M. Montagud, I. Fraile, E. Meyerson, M. Genís, S. Fernández, “ImAc Player: Enabling a Personalized Consumption of Accessible Immersive Content”, ACM TVX 2019, Manchester (UK), June 2019

Please, also cite us:

A. A. Simiscuka, M. A. Togou, R. Verma, M. Zorrilla, N. E. O’Connor and G. -M. Muntean, “An Evaluation of 360° Video and Audio Quality in an Artistic-Oriented Platform,” 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB), 2022, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/BMSB55706.2022.9828745.